It can be very beneficial for you and your horse to bring your horse to our place for some training.  When I train horses, I focus on softness.  I try to move the motivation to comply from the outside (bits and spurs) to the inside (his heart and mind). 

International visitors can stay in local accommodation or make arrangements with us directly.  We can personalise every course and adapt to your level and your interests.  The language of instruction is English but we can accommodate German-speakers as well.   Airport pickup can be arranged. 

Horses can help us know what we really feel.  This process can be painful and liberating and profoundly healing.  When you begin to listen to a horse, be prepared not to like everything he tells you.  

This course is the heart and soul of Flowing Manes.  Join the conversation: learn how horses think and talk; look at the world from their point of view.

Do you trust your horse to carry you without a bridle?  Experience the incredible feeling of joy when your equine friend carries you without any mechanical means of control.

For the beginner in the world of horses.  Get a foundation that will serve you well in any discipline.  Learn how to care for horses, their basic needs, how to groom them, and how to ride.

EAPD/EAL (Equine Assisted Learning)

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There is a place where you are completely at ease with your equine partner, a bond of trust so strong you can't think of anything the two of you couldn't do together.  You walk up behind him without fear, you saddle up without anxiety, you pull his tail or sit under him or let him groom you with a smile on your face.  A bridle is optional and a bit completely unnecessary.  He is comfortable with you taking him anywhere, doing anything around him.  The trailer becomes the starting point of an adventure in your horse's mind.  You both feel free to disagree with one another and express that disagreement without anger or threat of violence.  There is no place you feel safer than in the company of your horse.  You can find this place and go there together.  I will help you get started on the journey.

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